So, what are you doing now? Post grad life (Guest Blog)

By Kaitlyn Walls – A GenZer that is trying to figure life out after college.

“So you just graduated college, what are you doing with your life now?” A question all too familiar that many recent post-graduates face. For some the question may have a simple answer, but for others it’s a question that is anxiety ridden. The struggle to find a job post graduation is very real and very stressful. You can spend months applying to countless amounts of jobs only to receive a few interviews and several rejection emails. I’ll admit, sometimes it’s hard not to feel down. As a recent college graduate from eighth months ago, I would like to offer some advice that I’ve learned along the way.


  1. Find an Accountability Partner – It’s not always easy to hold yourself accountable. How many of you have ever been guilty of creating to-do lists and not following through? Lists can become overwhelming. This is why you should partner with a friend, who also needs to be held accountable, to stay on top of your tasks. I recommend sending weekly lists at the beginning of the week and use the end of the week to check in on the progress. Here’s the catch – Check in’s do not have to be about what you necessarily accomplished that week. It can be about the things you did not get done and how you plan to move forward with your task in the future. It is also for bouncing ideas off one another.
  2. Stay Optimistic– It’s cliche to say, but things get better. It’s true!  Things will eventually work itself out and the job or opportunity that is meant for you, you will receive. If time is of the essence or if you feel ever so moved you can create the job you want for yourself.  Whatever it is that you decide to do, just keep a positive outlook on life. When you look for the negativity and the bad things in life, you will find them. Instead try to find a way to put a positive spin on things. Turn comments like “It sucks I didn’t get that job” into “I didn’t get that job, but the job for me is coming.” Power lies within the tongue and thoughts become things.
  3. Support System– It’s necessary to have a support system. I always say everyone needs at least one good friend to talk to and lean on. What makes up a good support system? Friends that know what to say and when to say it, friends that know how to solely listen and absorb information, and friends that have your best interest at heart. These friends look out for you which can also mean sending you a job or opportunity that they think you would be interested in.  
  4. Create a Schedule-  Education has been with us since day care or pre-school. School then becomes a part of our daily routine for majority of our lives. We’ve been conditioned to associate August as the official back to school month. But once school is over, what do you have now? For some it’s a job and for others its the search itself. Creating a schedule can be useful to give yourself structure or a routine to follow. For years schedules have been planned for school and events have been centered around school schedules.  Now is the time to create a schedule that will help you have a productive day.

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