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#Adulting is hard!

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Do you feel like no one ever told you how hard adulting would be and school didn’t teach you enough about how to be successful in the real world?

The transition into a fully-independent, functioning SUCCESSFUL adult can be difficult with basically every aspect of your life now in your own hands. If you are overwhelmed and frustrated, I can help you step up your adulting game and lay the groundwork for personal and professional success.

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MY Coaching Program Will Benefit You If You Need:

  • Help in establishing your short and long term goals.

  • Clarity on what actions to take for personal and professional success.

  • Guidance in developing a personal and professional brand profile.

  • Accountability and support to keep you focused on your goals.

The Coaching Packages 

My coaching and mentoring programs will help GenZers and Millennials navigate the challenges of adulting.

It will work for you if you put in the time, energy and effort to prepare for success.

One-on-One Coaching: This customized package allows you the flexibility to design your own coaching program to your unique goals and vision. You’ll meet four sessions a month (typically each week) for a one-hour call each session. The individual coaching sessions are held via phone or video conference with Arika.

Group Coaching: Groups are curated for individuals with complimentary goals and offer a chance to learn from others, network, and grow as part of a group. Groups meet three times a month for a 1-hour  session via video conference. This package offers an alternative approach to the coaching experience and the power of connection.

Millennial Leadership Coaching: Millennials are the next generation of leaders, however 63% of Millennials say their leadership skills are not being fully developed. Arika specializes in working with Millennial professionals in both on-site and virtual coaching environments to maximize their professional performance, develop management skills, or overcome obstacles in areas such as communication, time management, and public speaking. Arika will challenge the millennial leaders in your organization to achieve greater levels of success.


Client Raves 

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