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What Arika Brings to Audiences

Arika is a sought after GenZ and Millennial success coach, speaker, writer and podcast host whose interactive speaking style effectively engages audiences, leaving them wanting for more. Her talks range from straight talk on personal and professional success tactics for GenZ and Millennials audiences to strategies on how to leverage and engage a multigenerational workforce.

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Signature Talks

Arika frequently speaks on the following topics, but can also develop topics and materials around requested topics and for specific audiences.

  • You are the CEO of a Company Called ME, INC:  Motivational talk on maximizing your potential and taking control of your life, simply by behaving like a C-suite executive. Audience: Can be tailored for any audience.

  • Me, Myself & I - Creating a Powerhouse Personal Brand: In this interactive workshop, Arika covers why personal and professional branding is so effective; how to create and protect your very own brand; how to use your brand to make bold career moves and stand out from your peers. Audience: Can be tailored for any audience

  • How to Be a Next Generation Leader: As Generation X and Baby Boomers start to transition out of the workforce, they will be replaced with a new generation of Millennials and GenZers. This talk will provide the personal development acceleration tools needed to become successful and effective leaders. Audience: Entry-level GenZers and Millennials in need of a professional success blueprint, as well as high performing millennials who are being groomed to transition into leadership positions.

  • Adulting 101 - From Classroom to Boardroom: What really happens after you graduate and how do you prepare for life after college? In this talk Arika can cover a wide range of topics including jump starting your career, maintaining a budget, creating a work/life balance, establishing a personal brand, networking, etc. Audience: College Upperclassmen/Recent College Graduates

  • Multigenerational Communication Techniques: The workforce now consists of four generations who all communicate very differently. As a result, signals get crossed and many things are lost in translation. In this interactive talk, Arika will discuss how to overcome these communication challenges and the audience will learn cross-generational communication techniques. Audience: All generations—most effective if session includes a range of generations.

  • The Emerging Workforce: Engaging GenZ and Millennials: In this talk, Arika will discuss how organizations can leverage each generation’s strengths to develop valuable skill sets and create opportunities for engagement to retain them longer. Audiences will gain insight on what motivates GenZ and Millennial employees; how different methods of communication affect engagement with employees of different generations; how each generation’s values and expectations are reflected in their approach to the workplace; how to build a culture of engagement for all generations. Audience: All generations—most effective if session includes a range of generations

  • The Millennial Woman---Inspiring a New Generation of Leaders: Millennial women – born between 1980 and 1995 – represent a growing portion of the global talent pool. They are highly educated and are entering the workforce in larger numbers than previous generations. There is an opportunity for millennial women to rise to the top of their generation as the new era of talent and reshape the workforce. This talk will focus on bridging gaps between the generations to ensure millennial women are empowered with the tools that are needed to become effective leaders. Audience: All generations

Arika customizes each talk to create an experience that helps you achieve your organizational or conference goals.

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5 Reasons to book Arika to Speak

1. Arika’s energy, delivery and audience interaction gives her the IT FACTOR that your organization needs.

2. Arika will customize her talks to focus on specific challenges and opportunities facing your audience or organization.

3. Every talk will give your audience tactics and takeaways they can put to use immediately.

4. Arika’s expertise on multigenerational issues can help close generational gaps between Baby Boomers, GenX, Millennials and GenZ.

5. Arika’s big sister approach is relatable and resonates well with GenZ and Millennial audiences. (So engaging they will forget about checking their phone!)

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